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Sunday, January 27, 2013
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  A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley

 Comox Valley - North


                                   Churches of Merville

 Sign facing the Old Island Highway
 Merville Mennonite Church
1424 Kruger Road just off the Old Island Highway


St. Mary's Church (Merville, B.C.)


The Church of St. Mary, Merville was built in 1915 at Grantham, within the Grantham Mission. The Mission was included in the parish of Sandwick and Courtenay, which was amalgamated with Comox and Cumberland in 1917. Comox was removed from the parish in 1919 and Cumberland was separated in 1921. Since 1982 the parish of St. John the Divine, Courtenay has included: St. Andrew's, Sandwick; St. Catherine's, Fanny Bay; Holy Trinity, Cumberland; St. John's, Courtenay; and St. Mary's, Merville. St. Mary's was never an independent parish and has been inactive since June 2003. The church was moved from Grantham to Merville (the Soldiers Settlement) in 1921.   


Churches of Black Creek

Living Waters Fellowship
Affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
2222 Regent,
Black Creek
250 337 5053


Valley United Pentecostal Church
1814 Fitzgerald Ave.
Black Creek, BC
V9N 2S8
p: 250.338.7877


 Sign at Road Entrance
 United Mennonite Church, 2277 Enns Road, Black Creek
United Mennonite Church
2277 Enns Rd.
Black Creek, BC
V9J 1H7
p: 250.337.5341

...........In 1937 a group of Mennonites that had been meeting in homes and the local school decided to formally organize as a congregation with 34 members under the leadership of Henry H. Schulz. At the same time, the decision was made to build a church. Bil Halbe donated the land for the church and also donated land for the cemetery and school (now Halbe Hall) for a total of three acres. Elder Jacob H. Janzen helped to raise funds for the church, collecting half of the $200 needed for the construction of the 24 by 36 foot building. United Mennonite Church was built by a group of men and women who, despite the challenges of cultural barriers and the Great Depression, were determined to have a central meeting place to worship God. The foundation was laid on 24 March 1937 and Rev. Janzen dedicated it in the fall when he arrived......


Sign facing the Old Island Highway
Black Creek Mennonite Brethren Church 
Mennonite Brethren Church
7898 N Island Hwy.
Black Creek, BC
V9J 1G5
p: 250.337.5423

On December 30, 1934, a group of seventeen Christians began plans for the formation of what was to become the Black Creek Mennonite Brethren Church (Black Creek, BC). The decision was formalized January 6, 1935. After considerable discussion, the name "Merville Mennonite Brethren Church" was chosen, since, at that time, Merville, BC, was the closest Post Office. The name did not stick. As of a February 1, 1937 meeting, the official name was changed to Black Creek Mennonite Brethren Church. During this same meeting, members also decided to seek affiliation with the BC and Canadian Conferences of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Land for a building site was donated by [Isaac?] Goertzen and Henry Falk, and a five-dollar per member levy also helped cover costs. The building was dedicated December 1937, and served the church until 1953. At this time a new structure, seating about 200 people, was built almost entirely with volunteer labour. The new building was dedicated April 11, 1954 with Rev. J.F. Redekop and Rev.J.A. Harder as guest speakers.........


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